Monday, 20 May 2013

Pearson 150 training ride

So we managed the Pearson 150 on Sunday. Even me. And at a pace that means that we do have a chance of making London to Paris in under 24 hours. Just. It was painful, and we got split up. Our riders are a very mixed ability group - from the very fast to the very slow (me). But even I managed the 93 miles in about seven hours of cycling plus various stops which can be trimmed I am sure. Ditchling Beacon was awful, as were the long climbs around Box Hill and Epson Down. Around 2000m climbing - which is the same as the whole 130 mile stretch from Dieppe to Paris. So I am hoping that will feel easier over a longer distance. If you want to see the Garmin track of my ride it is here and Martin Collett's altogether more impressive stats are here   

 Top of Ditchling Beacon
Setting off at 7.45am

Olympic hero Jamie Baulch with Cheryl Hicks

Fabrizio, Krishnan, Liam. Ben and Alex finish 

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