Saturday, 25 May 2013

Latest Fundraising + Line-Up Changes

Saturday update :

Fundraising is going well but this week is the big push. Together with different levels of match funding from Google, Channel 4 and others plus the £47.5k we won from "Five Minutes to a Fortune" we've raised over £125,000 so far. It would be fantastic to smash through £150k. If you're struggling to choose who to support you can back the whole team at

In other news: 

We have two late additions to the team. Top bespoke tailor and style guru Timothy Everest and TV's Mike Ramsden who now works in comms have taken the bold move to join us with less than a week to go. 

Sadly due to injury Cheryl Hicks is unable to go all the way to Paris so she and Jamie Baulch will be retiring at Newhaven. Ini Edsberg has sadly had to withdraw also due to injury. 

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