Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bicycle Giveaway

How do you give away something you don't want anymore without sounding like nobody else would want it either? I'm giving away the 17" Ridgeback Speed I've had sitting under a tarpaulin for years until I decided to get properly into cycling and splashed out on a Pearson. It isn't a masterpiece. I think it cost about 400 quid. But it has an aluminium frame, shimano gears and shimano pedals which flip over to use with SPD cleats if you want and mudguards to keep you dry. It is a bike to get from A to B - and I've ridden it the 10 miles to work a couple of times recently. But I don't need it anymore. So I'll give it away to somebody who sponsors the London-Paris bike ride and expresses an interest via twitter (@krishgm) in coming to pick the bike up at Channel 4 News. All names will go in a cycling helmet and I'll draw one lucky winner. You can come watch the show too if you like. Sponsor me here :


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