Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Word Spreads

Interest from elsewhere in the media is cranking up and will hopefully start bringing in some sponsorship from big and small donors.

 I went on Channel 4's "What's Cooking" on friday March 15th at 1130-1230 to talk food, diet and the London-Paris in 24 hours ride. It's on 4OD or Youtube

  ITV's London Tonight are having me and Jon on the sofa to talk chaffing next week, and in April we will be doing something else quite special on C4 that has to stay secret for now.

The Evening Standard Londoner's Diary did an item about the inevitable rivalry between the 42 year old weakling and the 65 year old cycling icon. Cycling website have noticed our plans to join the Pearson Sportive on May 19th as a training ride. And there is more in the pipeline. All good things to point people towards when asking for their sponsorship and donations.

And Digital Spy

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