Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Two Days to Go

A great day for sponsorship. Lots of people seemed to remember that the day is imminent and went to the donation pages. Ed Miliband, who I collared at Google's Big Tent last week, remembered to give us a donation. We got a great boost from Richard Desmond's charitable foundation who sponsored David Abraham to the tune of £5000. Yes that's the owner of Five paying the CEO of Channel 4 to cycle to Paris for charity. Who said TV was a cut throat business? We also discovered that a couple of our riders have been quietly raising lots of money on Virgin Giving and JustGiving that I wasn't aware of. So if you add up all our sponsorship we're already over £90,000. Add in the £47555 from C4's "Five Minutes to a Fortune" and we've raised well over £135K and the ride hasn't begun. We want to smash through £150K by the time we get to Paris. Please help. It really will make a huge difference to Duchenne Children's Trust who need to raise £1 Million by September to co-fund a medical trial.

Meanwhile I've stopped training. I believe they call it tapering. I call it getting fat again. And my knee hurts a bit. And I'm getting a cold. Suddenly all that confidence I had on Monday is slipping away. Cycling - it is all about psychology.

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