Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hours to go

The night before. I think most things are organised. It has been utterly exhausting and I'm not in great shape. But as of this evening we had already raised over £177,000 from friends, colleagues, employers and complete strangers. I'm starting to think we can do even better by the end of the weekend. We leave at 3pm friday - waved off by Jon Snow and Emily Reuben after lunch at Channel 4. We should be at Padella D'Oro in Newhaven by 8.30 in time to make the ferry sailing at 11pm. Then who knows....

You'll be able to track my progress using Garmin Connect. My satnav will be live with speed and other depressing stats. Stephen Hird will be uploading videos of our progress. And there will be a still picture every five minutes from Martin Collett. I hope you enjoy following it more than I will enjoying doing it! And if you can help us raise just a little bit more that would be lovely too.

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