Saturday, 9 February 2013

Oh yes. First big ride done and a few worrying signs for the team. 1) we got very lost. I was reassured by another cyclist at Pearson's in Sheen afterwards: "I hate Box Hill" she told me "I can never bloody find it." I know what she means. 2) While lost the peloton failed to stick together, meaning two of us splintered away and rather gratefully headed home without making it to the hill. What would Captain Scott think? 3) Talking of Scott it snowed. Is this an omen? 4) Jon Snow cried off. Worrying. 5) I fell over before we'd even started after hitting Krish's jag. 6) Martin C got a puncture and knew how to fix it himself. That's weird. It can only get smoother. And Stephen Hird is a fantastic cameraman.

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