Saturday, 26 January 2013

Terms and conditions

1) I want to be absolutely clear why I am doing this. Obviously I love Emily and nick, and we will #endduchennein10. But I am doing this solely to beat Krishnan 2) miles per week: whatever Krish does times 10 3) I cannot cycle for 24 hours in the same group as Jon Snow. The thought of hearing on two wheels AGAIN over 24 hours how its all Saudis fault, why we need to embrace Iran, that Tony Blair was an empty vessel, and how ITV once extended the bulletin for his live interview with jimmy carter is too much to bear. This is my red line. 4) does anyone object if I use drugs? Lance Armstrong looks pretty good on it. I guess it's not illegal for a charity ride. With this in mind, where can I get EPO? Boots? Does it qualify for the cycle to work scheme outlined by Dan? 5) it dawned on me on the exercise bike today that REMs nightswimming is the greatest song of all time. I will play it on my iPod as I approach L'arc of my triumph, miles ahead of you all grace a EPO, with the crowd screaming Vive le Ben and to be greeted by Carla Bruni. 6) does the cycle to work scheme get you more off than krishnans discount in sheen? Remember I don't pay the top rate of tax like the rest of you. 7) it's going to be great.

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